A major crackdown on illegal parking which is hindering the regeneration of Dumbarton town centre is set to be given the go ahead at a meeting this week.

Councillors who fear that parking and traffic flow issues pose a threat to the town's continued development are expected to give the go-ahead for a major review of on and off-street parking and the associated parking regulation orders.

Tomorrow's meeting of West Dunbartonshire Council's Infrastructure Regeneration and Economic Development committee will also consider introducing decriminalised parking enforcement (DPE) to crack down on "inconsiderate and illegal parking” in the town centre.

This is where a local authority takes over enforcement powers which would normally be the duty of the police.

A DPE would let the council enforce its own parking policies using parking attendants either directly employed by the council or outsourced to a third party.

A report to the committee states: "Should the council wish to apply for DPE powers if it would enable more control over the enforcement of parking restrictions in the West Dunbartonshire area.

"Local knowledge will enable the tailoring and targeting of parking enforcement to meet specific needs, taking into account wider

traffic management issues and aligned with other policies, such as town regeneration and road safety."

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The report outlines the main safety issues that have to be addressed.

These include vehicles parked illegally on junctions and pedestrian crossings causing reduced visibility and increased difficulty in manoeuvring, particularly for buses.

Inconsiderate and illegal long-stay parking which reduces turnover and subsequent parking availability is also highlighted.

The report says congestion is causing journey time reliability issues for public transport operators and reduces access to town centre facilities and amenities, thereby causing social exclusion.

The report adds: "Irresponsible parking can and does have a negative impact, particularly when inconsiderate, obstructive or even dangerous parking takes place.

"This can restrict access for emergency services or put the safety of pedestrians and other motorists in jeopardy by forcing people onto the road amongst moving traffic."

The report will also point out that there are 745 spaces currently available in council owned public car parks in the town centre.

These are at Castle Street, 20 spaces; Station Road 90; College Street 8; Meadowbank Street 30; Church Court 52; Bankend Road 20; Bridge Street 12; Risk Street 156; St Mary’s 82; Strathleven 96 and Castle Terrace 9.