A key report on the fatal fire at Cameron House Hotel has been submitted to the Crown Office as investigations into the tragedy continue.

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) has confirmed it has now received a report from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Serviced "in the agreed timescale".

Londoners Simon Midgley, 38, and Richard Dyson, 32, died when fire broke out at the luxury five-star resort on Lochlomondside on the morning of December 18, 2017.

Ross Haggart, assistant chief officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) said their investigations had been extremely complex.

He added: "We have now finalised and submitted our reports on the incident to the Crown Office and Procurator's Fiscal Service's Health and and Safety Investigation Unit for their further consideration."

Jackie Baillie MSP said the completion of the SFRS report was very welcome.

She added: "I hope that the Senior Advocated Depute can start to draw conclusions from the evidence provided in the findings from a number of different agencies, including the police."

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Amid widespread shock surrounding the tragedy, many people, including local politicians, hoped the investigations could proceed quickly for the sake of the victims' families.

However, a decision as to whether or not there should be a prosecution can be made only once final reports have been submitted to the Crown by all regulatory and investigating agencies.

A spokesman said: “The Crown‎ is committed to ensuring that the facts and circumstances surrounding the deaths of Simon Midgley and Richard Dyson are thoroughly investigated by the relevant agencies, fully considered by COPFS and, in due course, aired in an appropriate legal forum.

"The nearest relatives will continue to be kept updated in relation to any significant developments.”

The COPFS has also received a death report from Police Scotland but a final, prosecution report, is still awaited from the police.