Councillors are set to approve the construction of 49 new homes for rent in Bonhill.

At a planning meeting today, Tuesday, November 19, the plans by AS Homes (Scotland) ltd, are due to be rubber stamped.

The development, at Braehead, will see a mixture of terraced houses as well as cottage flats being built on the grounds of the former Highdykes Primary School.

It will see eight, two bed cottage flats, and 41 two and three bed properties being constructed for Caledonia Housing Association.

The area offers a wide array of open space within the proposed site, and a network of paths will be built throughout it.

Children's play areas will also feature.

Four objections to the development were received by West Dunbartonshire Council from local residents.

These included concerns over road access and parking during construction of the development, and also fears were raised that the new path network could lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour.

Locals also objected on the grounds that the new homes would affect existing properties in terms of additional noise, pollution, and dust.

But planning officers have recommended councillors pass the plans as the site has remained derelict for three years, and the development would contribute to the regeneration of the surrounding area.

A new road will be built throughout the scheme, which will be accessed via the existing entrance that was used for the school.

All the properties will have a 'modern design' and will use 'high quality materials'.

Planning offers told councillors before their meeting: "The development provides much needed affordable housing at an appropriate location.

"The proposed redevelopment of the site for residential purposes is in compliance with the Adopted and Proposed local plans and would assist in the further regeneration of this area of Bonhill.

"The proposals have been subject to extensive discussions which have resulted in a high quality development with a strong integration of green infrastructure, connectivity, open space and sustainable drainage.

"The layout, design and materials of the development are all considered acceptable."

Construction will not begin until investigative work, including a nesting bird, and bat surveys, have been carried out.