AN ACTION plan to join different generations in political discussion across Dumbarton and the Vale will be launched in January.

At Wednesday’s full council meeting, members agreed to approve a community empowerment strategy and action plan, which has been shaped by local voices.

The aim is to encourage a transformation of local neighbourhoods and to empower communities by making sure public services reflect the needs of the community.

It will also help to create a place where communities are empowered with citizens, communities, the council and other organisations working together to take decisions and make real improvements.

Members agreed they needed to do more to encourage younger and older generations to work together.

SNP councillor Caroline McAllister said: “It states in the report that older men are over represented as councillors - who knew.”

Labour councillor Daniel Lennie said: “There is an older element on councils and tenants’ associations and other groups.

“The older generations do tend to be the ones who want to get involved in their area.

“We should try and turn our attention to getting more young people involved in politics.

“When I say young, I mean those who are aged 25-30 as well as teenagers, and get them involved in some way.”

SNP councillor Diane Docherty said that both generations were interested in politics but needed to connect and work together.

It was then pointed out that younger people may not have as much time to get involved in political affairs due to other commitments.

Cllr McAllister added: “We have a lot of vibrant and enthusiastic young people in our community who are forming a local council and they have already been out litter picking, and taking part in various community events.

“The biggest problem is for the demographic in-between who are carers. There a lot of people out there, predominantly women, who are caring for older family members as well as young children.We need to look at all of the barriers.”