A MUM-TO-BE who assaulted police on two separate occasions in the space of 10 days will spend the next four months wearing an electronic tag – despite pleas over the "social embarrassment" it would cause her.

Gemma McPhee was made the subject of a 'restriction of liberty order' following a hearing at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday.

McPhee, 22, appeared for sentencing after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to two charges of assaulting police in Renton – the first at her home address in Main Street on November 17, 2018, and the second in New Cordale Road just 10 days later.

Fiscal depute Emma Petterson told the court police had been called to a report of a possible disturbance at 11pm on November 17 last year; McPhee was arrested, but while being taken to a waiting police vehicle, she kicked out at a female police officer and attempted to bite her on the arm.

After being taken to Clydebank police station, McPhee was cautioned and charged and told police to "f*** off".

Ten days later, just after 9pm on November 27, Ms Petterson said, police on patrol in New Cordale Road had cause to arrest McPhee for a second time; again, she kicked out while being taken to a police vehicle, this time striking a male officer on the knee.

She was again taken to Clydebank police office, but this time made no reply when she was cautioned and charged.

Sentence on McPhee had been deferred until Friday's hearing to allow social workers time to prepare a background report.

McPhee's solicitor, Judith Reid, said: "This appears to be a short time of absolute madness on her part.

"We are now a year down the line and there has been no repetition of this type of behaviour."

Ms Reid said her client's pregnancy had been "very difficult at times", and medical issues had frequently made it difficult for her to leave her home, but she had always attended appointments both with her lawyer and with the local social work department.

"Whatever has happened has been a very significant blip," Ms Reid said.

"An unpaid work order would be very difficult for her, and I am very much asked to avoid a restriction of liberty order.

"She is attending very regular health appointments and the actual imposition of a tag will carry significant social embarrassment for her, when she has been out of trouble for more than a year."

Sheriff John Hamilton replied: "Her drunken behaviour was an embarrassment."

He told McPhee: "Assaulting police, in whatever circumstances, is not acceptable, and I can't simply brush it under the carpet."

McPhee was told she would have to remain within her home every night between 7pm and 7am until mid-April.