A VALE thug has been jailed for using his partner of 14 years as "a human punchbag" – and has been banned from having any contact with her until the end of 2022.

William Reid was handed a five-month prison term after pleading guilty to carrying out the vicious attack on the woman at a property in Balloch on November 15.

The 30-year-old appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court for sentencing on December 31 after social workers were asked to prepare a background report following his guilty plea.

Sean Maher, prosecuting, told the court Reid had turned up at the property "heavily intoxicated" at 6.45pm.

Mr Maher said: "He kicked and punched the complainer to the right leg, and then proceeded to punch her to the right side of her head.

"The accused was very angry, and called the complainer 'a smelly hole'.

"The complainer went into the hall, crying; the accused grabbed her by the hair, pulled her back and further punched her a number of times to the right side of her head and the back of her head.

"She fell to the floor and he then stamped on her face.

"When police attended they noted bruising and swelling to the complainer's right eye; paramedics were summoned, but she declined to be taken to hospital."

Reid, of Dumbain Crescent, Haldane, had been remanded in custody to await sentence following his guilty plea three days after the incident.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry told Reid's solicitor, Ruben Murdanaigum: "He used his partner as a human punchbag. The social work report also says he attempted to express justification for his behaviour.

"Why should he not now spend some time in custody?"

Mr Murdanaigum said Reid and his partner had suffered a number of upsets in their relationship, including contact with children, addiction issues, and the death of Reid's brother-in-law.

"He did not find it easy to cope with everything," Mr Murdanaigum said. "He has had time in custody to reflect on his behaviour and he feels deeply ashamed at what he has done.

"In no way is he trying to minimise what happened. He knows it was wrong."

Mr Murdanaigum asked the sheriff to consider an alternative to a prison sentence, but Sheriff Hendry pointed out that Reid had previously been placed on two community payback orders in 2017, which he had later breached.

Those orders, the court heard, were later varied, but then, in February 2018, they were revoked altogether.

Sheriff Hendry continued: "The report refers to his prolonged use of street Valium, to his more recent use of amphetamine, and to his binge drinking.

"He's had the chance of support in the past, and has chosen not to take it. Why should he get that chance again?"

Addressing Reid directly, the sheriff said: "Your solicitor has said everything that could reasonably be said on your behalf, but this, in my view, was a heinous offence.

"I used this phrase before, very deliberately: you used your partner as a human punchbag. In my view there is no appropriate alternative to a custodial sentence."

Reid was handed a five-month prison sentence, backdated to November 18, when he was first remanded.

He was also made the subject of a non-harassment order banning him from having any contact with the victim of the assault until December 2022.