A DAREDEVIL supergran from Dumbarton has made a giant leap of faith to raise money for a Scottish charity.

Edna MacIver jumped from a plane at 10,000 feet last year in a brave fundraising attempt to help people living with Huntington’s disease.

This was the first time the adventurous 80-year-old raised money for the Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA), but she’s an “old hand” at skydiving, having braved a tandem skydive in 1997 and a solo parachute jump in 1989.

Edna said: “I saw the skydive being advertised in my local paper and I kept the story for a few weeks before deciding to register on my 80th birthday.”

“At that point I didn’t know much about Huntington’s disease.

“It was only when I got in touch with the SHA that I began to learn more about the truly horrific symptoms and how children of an HD parent are also at risk of going on to develop the disease.

“That made me even more determined to go ahead, knowing that every penny I raised would help families in Scotland, especially the many young people who are affected by this disease.”

Describing an earlier parachute jump, Edna said: “It was amazing to jump from 10,000 feet and gaze at the beautiful scenery from above.

“I loved it, and knowing that I was also helping families makes the memory even more special.”

Now Edna wants to encourage more daredevils to sign up to celebrate leap year by taking a tandem skydive.

Huntington’s disease is an incurable genetic condition with complex and severe symptoms.

There is no cure and it has a devastating impact on families, compounded by the reality that each child of an HD parent is at a 50 per cent risk of inheriting the faulty gene which leads to the disease.

In Scotland there are 1,100 people with HD and a further 5,000 are believed to be at risk.   The skydive takes place on Saturday, May 16, at Strathallan Airfield in Perthshire.

Jumpers are asked to raise a minimum of £499 sponsorship to take part.

To find out more, visit hdscotland.org/sha-skydive.