By Tempany Grace 

An urgent appeal has been made for former pupils and staff of Keil School in Dumbarton to come forward ahead of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

Lady Smith, chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, has released a video appealing for former pupils and staff from Scottish boarding schools to share their experiences.

The case study is appealing for former pupils and staff of the now defunct Keil School who have experience of being abused or may have information about abuse in the boarding school to come forward to talk about their encounters.

This call for evidence comes ahead of the Phase 6 case study, beginning this summer which will investigate the abuse of children in boarding schools.

Lady Smith said: “I know that it can be difficult and very emotional to talk about such experiences, however, we have a highly experienced witness support team and they will help and support you throughout the process.

"We’ll do all we can to help you feel safe and secure when you speak to us.”

The first part of the case study will focus on the background and context for boarding schools, including inspections. The second part will focus on specific institutions, including Keil School.

Six other boarding schools across Scotland are also included in this appeal.

You can contact the Inquiry’s witness support team by phone on 0800 0929 300, or email at

The boarding schools case study is expected to start in July 2020.