The Vale of Leven Hospital is removing visiting hours for relatives of patients.

Family and friends will no longer be restricted to specific times to visit people in the Vale of Leven Hospital and instead will be able to decide on when and for how long relatives can visit.

Person Centred Visiting (PCV) will be introduced across all inpatient wards in hospitals across the Greater Glasgow and Clyde region.

The approach aims to focus of the individual needs of the patient so that they can stay connected to the people that matter most. The model was developed last June following a consultation with more than 500 patients.

While the focus is on removing visiting time restrictions altogether, there will still be managed processes in place to ensure the privacy and dignity of all patients, and local guidelines are being developed in line with this.

Dr Margaret McGuire, director of nursing at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “It is really important for patients to stay in contact with family and friends over the duration of their stay and we recognise the role they play in that person’s recovery.

“Our Person Centred Visiting approach helps facilitate flexible visiting, and creates a tailored model to work with each individual patient. “

The new plan will be introduced by the beginning of March.