JUSTICE has finally caught up with a Vale man – after he left Scotland to spend two and a half years living with his young family in Belfast.

Jamie Wilson was jailed on Friday for kicking off at police after he was arrested last month on an outstanding warrant.

A court hearing was told that the 25-year-old was recognised by police who called at his home in Alexandria on an unrelated matter – despite his attempts to hide from the cops.

Wilson, of North Street, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court for sentencing after admitting a charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and struggling with police on January 16.

His solicitor, Stephen McGuire, said Wilson had been handed a community payback order in 2017, for an offence committed in November 2015, but had later breached it.

However, the breach of the order was only admitted when Wilson appeared in court two weeks ago.

Describing how police discovered Wilson, fiscal depute Emma Petterson said: “Police attended the property at 2pm on January 16 on an unrelated matter.

“They saw the accused in the bedroom; one of the officers recognised the accused and was aware there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

“He was told he would be handcuffed and removed, but became aggressive, telling police ‘don’t put those f*****g cuffs on me’.”

Wilson repeatedly tensed his arms, legs and body in a bid to prevent police arresting him, but he was eventually handcuffed and taken to Clydebank’s police station to be cautioned and charged.

Mr McGuire said: “One matter today is historic; it dates from November 2015, and a CPO was imposed in 2017.

“The breach was finally admitted two weeks ago.

“His reaction on being given the order in 2017 was entirely inappropriate. He knew he would have to face the music at some point.

“His explanation is that he spent most of the time in between in Northern Ireland living with his then partner and their young child; he returned to this area in November following the death of his father.

“The relationship with the girl in Ireland is now at an end.”

Mr McGuire acknowledged that his client had a “dreadful” criminal record, but said most of Wilson’s offending had been committed when he was a teenager.

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That prompted Sheriff John Hamilton to ask: “He hasn’t grown up much, has he?”

Mr McGuire replied: “When police came knocking at the door, he tried to hide, and matters progressed in the way described.

“He has had a terrible time in the past with alcohol misuse and drug addiction. I would submit that he is a different person now in a variety of ways.”

Referring back to how the original case had progressed in 2017, Sheriff Hamilton said: “There was a warrant taken in January, another in August, and a further one in September.

“He was remanded in custody for a period, then I very kindly let him do a CPO, which he breached within three months.”

Wilson’s CPO was revoked; he was jailed for three months for breaching the order, and for a further three months for his behaviour on January 16.