As WE enter a new decade, with the first month behind us already, it’s already looking to be an eventful one.

With a general election not long ago, a Conservative majority government, which has won safe Labour seats in the north, more focus around the country, is likely to come.

Those new voters can’t be ignored now after putting their trust in the Conservatives and Boris, along with his top team, who are now looking at plans to reform investment, the House of Lords and many other policies.

As Britain is looking progressively forward, all we have seen from our newly elected SNP members is yet again grievance and constant calls for another independence referendum.

They may correctly state they won a majority of seats, however this, as pointed out by many of their MPs, accounted to 45 per cent of the vote.

That was the same figure that lost them the last referendum and this election was with Labour voters who wouldn’t necessarily support them in a referendum.

These MPs should be fighting for their constituent’s interests, not promoting SNP agenda.

In Scotland, we are back in Holyrood and the SNP has already brought forward debates and votes outwith the remit of the Scottish Parliament, to vote on the Brexit Deal - which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Scottish Parliament.

We need to be focussing on Scottish issues, such as the SNP failures in the NHS, education, transport, policing and other public services.

Over the Christmas period, we saw more patient waiting times being missed, more delays/cancellations in train services, more public money being wasted on the disastrous ferry deal, an out of court settlement for over £60million to contractors for the Aberdeen by-pass and the £600m broadband rollout being delayed for at least two years, as a few examples.

All this while Scotland is the highest taxed part of the UK, now paying £750m more in tax in the past year than they did previously.

We pay more and get less under the SNP due to the mismanagement of public funds and running of our services.

If the SNP will ever stop hiding behind issues that don’t concern them, or their constant calls for another referendum, we could work “better together” to build a stronger Scotland.