A disabled victim of serial thief Margaret Methven has told of her outrage after the drug addict 'walked free from court'.

Theresa Connolly, 62, was targeted by Methven on July 16 last year.

Methven charmed her way into Theresa's home in Leven Court, and plundered her purse which had irreplaceable photos of her parents, as well as a pack of fags.

The same day, she targeted another victim at the nearby Clyde Court, where she helped herself to a mobile phone and a wallet.

Theresa spoke out after the Reporter revealed Methven had basically walked free from court on a number of charges - including the ones concerning her.

When Methven appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court at the end of January, she was told to enrol in a drug treatment and testing order, DTTO, while sentence on all other matters was deferred for her to be of good behaviour.

Theresa fumed: "I was disgusted when I read about her sentence in the Reporter, she basically walked free from court - she should have at least been given some voluntary work to do."

Despite having to use a disability scooter, Theresa used to carry out voluntary work at St Augustine's church on High Street in the town, who run a food bank.

But since the incident with Methven, she has been unable to continue her charitable duties.

The victim says she knew who Methven was after seeing her numerous times at the church.

She continued: "Methven stopped me in the High Street when I left the church.

"She asked me to help her, but I told her I wasn't in a good place and asked her to leave me alone."

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But the scoundrel continued to harass Theresa, and when she returned home, appeared at the door to her flat a short time later.

Theresa said: "I don't know how she knew where I lived, but within minutes of my carer leaving, she arrived at my home.

"I answered the door as I though my carer must have left something behind, but was met by Methven.

"I was gob-smacked and taken aback, but she told me a sob story about how she had been attacked herself, and she was greeting, saying 'I'm going to p*** myself', so I let her in."

Theresa says she let Methven use her toilet, but that she was in for so long, she thought the thief was 'shooting up'.

She continued: "After ages, she came out crying, which added to my stress at the time.

"She asked for a drink of water, and said she would go after that."

Good samaritan Theresa thinks when she went to get the drink, Methven stole her purse.

She said: "As soon as she left, I noticed the purse was missing from my handbag. I had been watching her most of the time she was in my flat, so Paul Daniels would have been proud of her, in the way she managed to get my purse without me noticing."

Theresa jumped on her mobility scooter and headed out to the lift in a bid to catch up with Methven.

She says when the lift doors opened, the floor was covered with various items, including cards with taxi numbers, which had been in her purse.

She added: "She must have started throwing away everything that connected me to my purse as soon as she stepped into the lift."

Fighting back tears, Theresa added: "I don't care about the purse or the money - they can be replaced.

"But the only two photos I have left of my mum and dad were in there - and I didn't get them back."

After Methven was charged, Theresa was contacted by prosecutors who asked her to write a victim impact statement - but it was never read out in court.

Theresa added: "She is an evil, evil, woman.

"The day after stealing my purse she arrived at the church asking for a food parcel. She has no shame."