A violent Bonhill teen has been offered a last chance to stay out of prison.

Ross Mathers, 19, was told he must make more of an effort to complete unpaid work he was previously ordered to do - or he would find himself locked up behind bars.

Ladyton resident Mathers was convicted previously of assaulting a police officer by kicking him on the body during a disturbance in Dumbarton’s Knoxland Square.

During the same incident, on February 16, 2019, Mathers was also convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, and of uttering threats of violence.

Sentence on this incident had previously been deferred as he was already serving another Community Payback Order (CPO) at the same time for a separate offence.

But it was revealed at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Tuesday that Mathers had failed to complete the previous order.

Defending his client's lack of progress, Mathers' lawyer said: "He is accompanied by his mother.

"She has been out the loop as to what has been going on, but she is keen to get involved.

"She would be keen to assist and get some structure into his life.

"She has said he can live with her.

"He [Mathers] has not re-offended, and he did some unpaid work, but he has 98 hours outstanding."

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Addressing Mathers directly, Sheriff William Gallacher said: "I told you this before, and I will tell you again.

"The solution to this is in your hands.

"You are a young man who has a life before you, and you can achieve something different, but you have to make the decision to do it."

Sheriff Gallacher said he was contemplating jailing Mathers, but had decided to give him one final chance.

He said: "I am not going to send you to Polmont, I will extend the order for three months.

"If you have not completed the hours required, and do not turn up when required by social work, I will revoke the order and you will be sent to custody for 12 months."

Mathers will be back in court in April for a further CPO review.

As he was leaving the dock, Sheriff Gallacher added: "Don't mess up."