A NATIONAL campaign to increase the adult social care workforce has launched.

The There’s More to Care Than Caring recruitment campaign features stories from adult care workers.

Across Scotland, around 145,000 people currently work in adult social care in a range of roles, including supporting people with physical disabilities, dementia, autism, older people, and those with mental health conditions.

The campaign, which has been developed in collaboration with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and key partners in the social care sector, will run across radio, online, newspapers and social media.

Jeane Freeman, health secretary, and Maree Todd, children and young people minister, attended the campaign launch at a community hub Tribe Porty in Portobello, Edinburgh.

Ms Freeman said: “Working in adult social care can be hugely rewarding – for many it’s more than a job, it’s work they give enormous commitment to.

“As today’s report from the Care Inspectorate and SSSC highlights, one of the main difficulties services face when trying to fill vacancies is not having enough applicants or the right applicants. That is exactly what this campaign seeks to address.

“Brexit presents a clear threat to the future of our health and social care services and the EU workforce make a valuable contribution to this sector as well as others. As a responsible government we will continue to do all we can to support our health and social care services.”

Lee Robertson, 43, is a care worker at Enable Scotland, who moved to the sector after working in retail.

He supports Steven Imlah, 25, who features in the campaign and works at Tribe Porty.

Lee said: “I love being a carer and I’m passionate about letting others know why it’s such a rewarding and satisfying career choice.”

Lee’s advice to those looking to appeal for an adult social care position is: “It’s a fun job and no two days are the same. The job becomes a lot easier when you realise your words alone have the power to change lives. All it takes is compassion and empathy.”