Dumbarton People’s Theatre has announced that their first play of 2020 shall be Patrick Hamilton’s thriller Gaslight.

Set in 1880’s London, Gaslight tells the story of a woman, Bella, who believes she is in the early stages of insanity, with the dimming of the building’s lights and the sound of footsteps in an empty apartment above her head adding to her woes.

Her husband, Jack, continues to manipulate and undermine his wife, and spends his evenings away from the house.

A 1944 film adaptation of the play earned multiple Academy Award nominations, with Ingrid Bergman winning the Best Actress in a Leading Role award.

The story coined the term “gaslighting”, meaning to manipulate someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.

Euan Davies and Donna McGroarty make their DPT debuts in the lead roles. Peter McBride plays Inspector Rough, a former detective who comes to Bella’s aid. Completing the cast are Luke Gregory, Shelby Sweeney and John and Liam Toal.

Debbie Chalmers directs this new portrayal of the story and has assembled a backstage team that will ensure the right atmosphere is created for this dark and thought-provoking tale. Caroline Smith, who will supply the makeup for the cast, has started practising early to ensure attention is given to every detail.

Gaslight will open at the Denny Civic Theatre on Wednesday, February 26, and run until Saturday, February 29, starting at 7.30pm.

Tickets for the show cost £5 and are available now from Club Members, McDermid’s Keystore, at the Box Office or by contacting dumbartonpeoplestheatre@outlook.com.