A BONHILL teen has admitted glassing another man with a bottle of Mad Dog following a boozy session in Balloch.

Aidan Carr, 18, had been at an area known as the “secret beach” in the lochside village when the attack took place.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard the popular spot is well-known for local youths congregating there to consume alcohol and drugs at all times of the year.

Around 20 youths were said to have been at the location on the evening of April 19, 2019, including the victim, who had been drinking and listening to music with friends.

Carr and the victim were described as having known each other, but they were not acquaintances, and both groups of friends met up during the evening before Carr, who was under the influence, became aggressive.

The fiscal depute said: “The pair started scrapping and rolling about on the ground fighting with each other.

“The accused produced a bottle of MD 20/20, they were split up, then the accused struck the witness on the head with the bottle.

“The bottle smashed and there was blood everywhere.

“The witness tried to get back on his feet but was held back.”

The victim then made his way to nearby toilets where he lay on the floor until an ambulance arrived.

He was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley where he received three stitches to a wound close to the bridge of his nose.

Police arrested Carr at the scene after he approached officers with his clothes blood-stained. He claimed he had acted in self-defence and told police: “I grabbed the bottle and hit him back.”

Carr, of Northfield Road, pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting his victim to his injury and permanent disfigurement after appearing at court last Tuesday.

Defence solicitor Brian McGuire said: “The position of self-defence is that what he did was anticipated. He [Carr] said that it was a reaction to the witness coming at him.”

Sheriff William Gallacher adjourned the case for background reports to be prepared and ordered Carr to return to court on March 20.

Addressing Carr, Sheriff Gallacher said: “This was a wicked thing to do resulting in a significant consequence and it would have been blindingly obvious to you and anybody else that the use of a glass bottle in this way could have caused serious injury.

“We will seek to clarify the matter and the full context as best we can.”