A DUMBARTON lout with a string of previous convictions tried to evade detection during a drug search by swallowing an unknown item – despite police warnings not to do so.

Collum Gallagher was handed an eight-month prison term at the town's sheriff court last week after admitting intentionally obstructing police carrying out a search on him in Cardross Road on May 11, 2019.

The 29-year-old also admitted possession of a quantity of amphetamine in Main Street in Renton on January 13 last year.

Gallagher, of Graham Road in Brucehill, was jailed for six months in 2018 for breaking windows at his mum's home and kicking her 14-year-old pet dog.

His solicitor, Scott Adair, told a hearing on February 18 that Gallagher had admitted the charge of obstructing police at the first opportunity.

Mr Adair also told the court Gallagher had breached a court order to be of good behaviour on two occasions, and was in prison for yet another offence, with an earliest release date of May 1 this year.

He was handed a four-month jail term for a breach of the piece involving his mother in October.

Mr Adair told Sheriff Maxwell Hendry: "The social work department has looked at getting him into some sort of residential rehabilitation unit.

"I understand they could still do that. But he understands that having breached a 'good behaviour' request on two occasions, it's probably unlikely that your Lordship would be prepared to do that."

Sheriff Hendry told Gallagher: "You have had so many chances to try and learn from the mistakes you've made, and instead you just keep making the same mistakes."

Gallagher was handed consecutive four-month prison terms, on top of the sentence he is currently serving.