CALLS have been made for street lighting to be repaired on a key road just outside Cardross – after a damning report revealed lengthy waiting times in Argyll and Bute.

Councillor David Kinniburgh is anxious for lamp posts to be fixed on the Ardoch road, which links the village with Dumbarton.

But a council officer stated that the problem may lie with the electricity supply, and not with the authority itself.

The debate took place after a document revealed that only 36 per cent of street light repairs in Argyll and Bute have been carried out within 10 days – against a target of 75 per cent.

The figure takes in financial quarter three of 2019/20, which runs from October to December. For the previous two financial quarters, the 75 per cent target was met.

A need to install LED lighting to meet the project deadline is the reason given for the decline, with a pledge made to return to focusing on repairs within 10 days.

The debate took place at a meeting of the council’s environment, development and infrastructure committee on Thursday, March 5.

Councillor Kinniburgh said: “There are instances which appear to be priorities, which seem to get pushed back and pushed back.

“One area in particular is at Ardoch. In early November they had the lights out and put up a new lamp post, and as of a couple of weeks ago we were still waiting to get a light from it.

“There are another three lights out caused by it. That would appear to be a priority to get that attended to.

“It is a 40mph stretch of road, and when it is dark it is difficult to see. Do you have priorities for things like that?

“Five months ago I got told it was a contractor that had initiated it and that an update would be given. The table in this report is unacceptable.”

Jim Smith, the council’s amenity services manager, said: “It is based on risk and we are looking into particular details.

“The issue you have raised sounds like a service connection from the supplier, and we will look to see if we can make connections by different means.

“It is not something we have managed to secure yet, but will get the exact details for you. It does sound like it is a problem with the electricity rather than ourselves.”