ALEXANDRIA takeaway staff showed their appreciation to the country’s health workers by delivering free pizzas to NHS staff at the Vale of Leven Hospital.

Pizzaville and Sizzlers, who are based on the town’s Main Street, came up with the idea to show their appreciation to local health staff, completing three pizza drops last week to make sure health service employees don’t go hungry while they are busy.

The coronavirus outbreak has placed an unprecedented demand on the NHS, and health workers are bracing for a further increase in potentially deadly cases of Covid-19.

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The manager of the fast-food outlets, Mr Sohal, told the Reporter: “Our friends in England were helping staff in hospitals, which was their way of showing appreciation.

“It’s a small gesture to show our gratitude to the hospital staff.

“The response from the staff was amazing. They were shocked by the gesture.

“They did not expect anyone to just come up and give, so for them it meant a lot.”

And the kindness shown by Mr Sohal and his staff does not stop there.

As followers of Sikhism, their religion involves the duty of giving to others in order to encourage compassion.

“We give 30 hot meals to a local Dumbarton food bank, Food for Thought,” Mr Sohal added. “We’ve been doing that for six months now.

“If anyone needs anything then give us a call. We’re Sikh so it’s all about giving. All the Sikh temples in Glasgow are giving free food to help. If you’re even just wanting a chat then you can give us a call, we’re happy to help.”

Other local businesses have been donating free food to hospital staff, including Palombo’s chip shop, in Balloch, and Domino’s Pizza.

Workers have thanked firms on the newly set up Vale of Leven Coronavirus Support and Assistance Facebook group.

Elsewhere, on Thursday at 8pm, residents showed their appreciation for NHS and care workers by standing on doorsteps and balconies and applauding their efforts in treating those affected by the virus.