Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor is making a comeback as he urges residents in Dumbarton and the Vale to support a new campaign for Scotland's children's hospices.

As part of their new ‘Share Your Joy’ campaign, on Monday, May 4, Children's Hospices Across Scotland are encouraging the public to show allegiance to their favourite science-fiction, fantasy, cartoon or musical hero and by virtue the charity itself, by digging out their favourite ‘geeky t-shirt’ to wear on the day.

Those who get involved can donate to CHAS families at Robin House in Balloch who are dealing with the most difficult of circumstances during the lockdown.

Ewan McGregor said: “The families CHAS works with, who are often among some of society’s most vulnerable, need to know that Scotland stands with them in this time of crisis.

"Now, perhaps more than ever, we want a show of solidarity and a virtual Mexican wave for those families who receive the care and support only CHAS can provide.

“Your pledge can help CHAS continue to reach families in the physical and the virtual world, and keep building for tomorrow.

“So, if you have the time, please join me by wearing your favourite geeky t-shirt on May the 4th. Follow @SupportCHAS, post your pictures, and use the hashtag #Maythe4thBeWithCHAS.

“And please remember, until the coast is clear – stay home, stay safe. Let’s support the vulnerable and our keyworkers through this crisis by doing the sensible thing.”

Participants are encouraged to share their efforts online and donate £3 by texting ‘Geeky 3’ to 70450.

Laura Campbell, Community Fundraising Development Manager at CHAS, said: “It means the world to have Ewan’s support, as well as the extended ‘geeky’ community, especially at an extraordinary time like this. What a lovely way to introduce fans to our family.

“We strongly believe that this is a moment in time when a bit of people power can make a serious difference to CHAS families. If we’ve learned anything recently it’s that time apart need never be time alone.

"This is as much a show of solidarity for them as it is a bit of light relief for anyone who needs it. We hope communities and families from all over the country can find a minute to get involved.

“We would also encourage people to join us on Facebook Live for our Big Geeky Quiz, which will feature questions posed by various famous faces, voices and fans from the worlds of science fiction, fantasy and Disney.

Like many other charities left reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, CHAS has set up Scotland’s first ever virtual hospice to support children and families who are having to completely self-isolate.

The virtual hospice is now four weeks in, offering families extensive support, whether it relates to clinical guidance, financial advice or bereavement support, by video and phone. CHAS family support teams are also offering an expanding range of interactive activities, art clubs, storytelling and conference calls to children and parents, with more in the pipeline.