Heroes come in many forms and the coronavirus outbreak has shone a light on those community champions that keep us safe and connected.

From the health care professionals on the frontline, to the bin men keeping homes clear from waste, there are amazing workers and volunteers doing their best to help during these difficult times in lockdown.

Over the past two months we have covered many stories of inspiring people doing wonderful things in these troubled times.

But now it is over to you, our readers, to nominate an everyday hero who you think deserves a little recognition.

Please tell us about someone who you think is going the extra mile to help others, or who has put a smile on your face during these unprecedented times.

We will recognise these #lockdownheroes in print and online to celebrate the ordinary folk doing extraordinary things to keep spirits up.

Gillian Murphy, senior content editor of the Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter, said: “This campaign seeks to champion local people who don’t get the recognition they deserve for their hard work or kind deeds.

“You can nominate anyone from shop shelf stackers and bus drivers, to nurses or food bank volunteers, who work selflessly in the face of a global pandemic to serve others.

“Many of these people did not sign up to work during a deadly virus outbreak, but many have turned up, day-in, day-out, to ensure others are safe, healthy, fed and not forgotten.

“It is a stressful time for everyone, but this is also an ideal time to highlight the good news stories coming from people who are living and working in our communities across West Dunbartonshire.”

We want to hear about all those wonderful people out there that have helped you during this crisis.

So get in touch to tell us about your #lockdownheroes.

Email your stories and nominations – including a name and picture – to the Reporter team at editorial@dumbartonreporter.co.uk.