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A WOMAN has been charged after a car crashed into the garden of a home near Cardross.

Police say residents of a house, just off the A814 in Ardoch, awoke on the morning of May 1 to discover that a white Kia had crashed off the road and smashed through a perimeter wall and into the garden.

Cops found extensive damage to the car and the garden, but there was nobody within the car and no report on the police’s records of any accident.

Following police enquiries, the woman, a 28-year-old resident of James Street, in Helensburgh, was traced and charged with dangerous driving and a minor drug offence.

The same woman was also charged with failing to report a road accident on a previous, unrelated, date, following a report of a bump in Helensburgh town centre involving the Kia and a second car.

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A report has been sent to the procurator fiscal.

Householder Raymond Bentinck, who discovered the car, alerted police, and sent these pictures to the Reporter, said: “They went through the road where we turn on to the A814, through a hedge, through the air and over our burn, through a fence, through another hedge, demolished our wood shed and only finally stopped when the car hit a large tree in my garden.

“If me or my son had been getting wood from our wood shed we would have been killed instantly.”