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A DUMBARTON personal trainer known as Pinkie has teamed up with DJ George Bowie to get people moving – and grooving – in a free virtual rave during lockdown.

When local gyms closed, Stacie Nona Cabasa, who has neon pink hair and matching attire, partnered with the Clydebank-born radio presenter to encourage 500,000 music lovers and fitness freaks to join them in GBXercise online workouts.

In the partnership, the DJ plays his George Bowie Experience anthems from his living room while fitness instructor Pinkie joins the stream from her own home to guide viewers through the warm up, three dances and a cool down.

Going by her GBX singer name, Nona Cabasa, Pinkie said she is amazed at how well the project has taken off.

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“My whole idea was to do it as a live class in a nightclub setting,” she said, “but with the lockdown in place we agreed to move it to online to keep everyone safe.

“All the comments have been so positive which totally blew me away.”

The GBXercise idea surfaced around two years ago when Pinkie believed that exercise can be done in adventurous settings, such as nightclubs.

The first GBXercise class was originally meant to be hosted last weekend on the May Bank Holiday, but due to lockdown restrictions the duo launched the series of events via Facebook on April 7 instead.

When she isn’t dancing the night away, Pinkie also hosts workout sessions for her “Pink Army” from home.

“It’s adapting day by day,” she said. “It’s been quite difficult with my regular classes because I have a high percentage of retired ladies.

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“It is about finding the right mix of things. The quality of the content and the music is key to making a good workout video.”

The 35-year-old finally decided to move her classes online to a Whatsapp chat when the oldest member of her group joined the virtual world at the age of 82.

Describing the importance of going online for her studio’s class members during the pandemic, Pinkie said: “It’s their only exposure to the world. It is their only weekly chat to people as a lot of them can’t get out right now