A LUSS hotel has launched a unique competition for future guests to win a dinner with a difference at their new social distancing restaurant.

The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel is offering post-lockdown visitors the chance to eat out in style once coronavirus restrictions are eased by claiming a £50 meal voucher.

The only catch is that your food may be gobbled up by one of the friendly, yet hungry, Highland cows which reside in the field-turned-outdoor restaurant.

To steak your claim as a contender for the beefy prize, all you have to do is like, share and tag someone you’ve missed lots during lockdown on the Loch Lomond Arms’ Facebook page post.

The post reads: “Are you tired of lockdown and fancy dinner with a difference?

“We’ve opened up our brand new social distancing restaurant, guaranteed to be a unique experience. The table at the Loch LoMOOnd Arms.

“Sip on the finest Châteauhoof-du-Pape whilst grazing on our #fabuluss amoos-bouche.”

Organisers say the voucher can be used when the hotel re-opens.

Alistair Prow, the hotel’s general manager, said: “The cows who live in that field are a tourist attraction in the area. They are always alongside the road waiting for tourists and attention.

“Since posting it on social media I think people are enjoying the fun nature of the idea. We want to let customers know we are still here and look forward to welcoming them back to the hotel.”

James Munro, hotel sales manager, added: “We have so much great space around the hotel and we thought what better way to brighten up people’s day than a socially distanced table with two highland cows as company?”

The hotel will be offering the same restaurant menu to residents with added cow puns.

The outdoor dining idea was inspired after seeing a social media post from a hotel in Sweden taking a similar approach.