A historian author is searching for family members of deceased Dumbarton man who fought in the Second World War.

Deborah Wheeler who lives in Warwick in Queensland, Australia is searching for relatives of the late veteran John Slack.

John Slack worked with author Alphonsius J Walshe to record his war time experiences for his book ‘The Last of the Light’prior to his death in 2011.

One of the experiences he told Walshe was of the friendship between his fellow squaddie Alan Eason from Deborah’s home town.

Alan was accidentally killed by a fire while they were interning in a prisoner of war camp in Austria. John tried hard to contact Alan’s family right until he died, but was not successful.

According to Deborah it was John’s greatest wish to let Alan’s family know that “Alan Eason was a proud and brave Australian’.

After some research Deborah discovered Alan’s nephew who was not aware of the friendship and experiences between Alan and John.

Deborah is now writing a book about the local families who had relatives connected with the Greek Offensive and the Battle of Crete which will feature Alan Eason. She knew she had to track down John’s relatives after reading the book about his experiences.

Deborah Wheeler said: “My wish is to honour both Alan and John in my book with the best intentions of keeping the tradition alive for those who fought on our behalf forever in our memories.

“My request is for help to track down some members of John’s family as I know from reading the book he had nieces and nephews.

“I see myself as an accidental historian. One who unites veterans and their stories together with their families.”

Alphonsius J Walshe tried to make contact with members of Alan Eason’s family for John Slack but was not successful.

John Slack had an older brother Sergeant Major Alexander Jones Slack from the 8th Royal Scots regiment who also fought in the second world war, but was killed in action.

John Slack was never able to see the completed ‘The Last of the Light’ book it as published in 2013, two years after he was laid to rest in Dumbarton.