STAFF at a recently launched Alexandria business have been going above and beyond to clean the signs across the Vale of Leven.

West Coast Property and Garden Services opened its doors around a month before lockdown began.

The man behind the business Scott Walker, who lives in Bonhill, said while work has been quiet, the company has been trying to spruce up the local area.

was determined to begin his venture at the age of 24 after being inspired by his partner starting out in self-employment.

The 24-year-old told the Reporter: “Like any business, it was very quiet for the first month or so, which is why I had a bit of free time on my hands to use my services for good to help out where was needed.”

The company’s first project was to clean the signs at the Vale of Leven Hospital following a conversations with staff about their appearance.

Scott said: “The signs at the hospital are a bit worse for wear and I thought it would really spruce the place up.

“It is a really lovely building with exceptional staff. I know in the past it has struggled with opening hours, but that hospital is part of our community.

“I know that the nurses and doctors who work there are really stressed in the situation they have been faced with right now and it is my way of giving them a massive thank you.”

He decided to share the work he had done at the hospital on his company’s Facebook page, and overnight he received hundreds of ‘likes’ in support.

Scott has been supported by two employees who have also sacrificed their free time to help.

Suggestions have been rolling in from members of the public who want to see the place looking cleaner. After cleaning the Alexandria sign he was receiving suggestions from the locals on his next sign cleaning stop.

Scott added: “People would see I was in the area and would message me with signs that need a new life to them and now I have a whole list to get on with.”

Scott’s mission is to work his way through the dirtiest signs in the Vale of Leven and Helensburgh, with his next stop in Dumbarton.

He added: “I want to go that extra mile. I won’t stop until the signs are spotless.”

However, he would like to thank local residents for giving up their time and coming together to help.

He said: “I would like to say the biggest thank you to the NHS. I know it has been a really tough time for you, but also to the community in supporting my business. Everybody plays a key role during this pandemic.”

Residents in the area are encouraged to message their Facebook page for dirty signs in the area that need a deep clean.