Two Dumbarton brothers who have run five kilometres every day so far this month are inviting locals to run for a charity of their choice as they complete their month long challenge.

Richard and Stephen Stibbs, aged 31 and 28, have taken on the challenge of running 300km in a month to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society's Dumbarton and District group.

Their mum Shona has battled with the degenerative disease since her twenties.

Richard told the Reporter his mum has had the condition since he was a child, and said the local group runs a number of activities to support people to get involved in the local community.

Richard said: “The charity was brought to my attention by one of my mates at the Masonic group last year, as he was aware my mum has the condition.

“I wanted to do something earlier this year as part of the group, but my plans were put on hold and I decided just to do something on my own.

“I called Stephen when I came up with the idea, and he said he was up for it, so it's been good to get out with him and raise money for a charity which helps people with MS, like my mum.

“My mum isn’t a member of the group yet, and I think people with the disease often feel isolated and as if it only affects them, but the group does a great deal of work to bring people together and help those who aren’t mobile to get out.

“The group will be at the finishing line, and mum will be there too – so not only will we be raising money but also awareness that there are groups out there to offer support and you don’t have to deal with it alone.

“I’m sure it will have an impact on my mum and she might decide to join the group too, which would allow her to be involved in the community more.”

The MS group has annual running costs of around £14,000, but is almost entirely dependent on donations to cover those expenses.

The brothers have already raised £2,800 and hope to have reached their initial target of £3,000 by the time they run their final 5km on Tuesday, June 30.

They are now calling on local people to join them to run and raise money for a charity of your choice, aiming to raise a few more thousand pounds for worthy charities and bring the community together.

Their final run on June 30 will begin at the St James Retail Park and will take the brothers along the High Street and round Levengrove Park, before they return along the High Street.

The finishing line will be at Dumbarton Castle, where MS Society volunteers, friends and family as well as representatives from the local group will be waiting with balloons, banners and will receive the money raised.

To donate to their challenge, visit and search for 'Dumbarton District MS 300k'.