A CLYDEBANK couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Saturday with their favourite meal – steak pie and chips.

Elizabeth and Robert went to Benny's Cafe, just by the old Bisley Bar on North Elgin Street, for their first date, and tied the knot at Our Holy Redeemer's Church on June 27, 1970.

They spent the next five decades living in Clydebank, where they raised their daughter Anne, before a recent move to Dumbarton.

Elizabeth, better known as Betty, grew up in Yoker as Elizabeth McLaughlin, before moving to Glasgow Road after the couple married.

Robert was born in London, telling his grandkids he was ‘born within the sound of the Bow Bells’ – but he grew up in Whitecrook, in Belmont Street and King Street, before spending some of his teenage years in Ireland.

Anne described her parents as "Clydebank’s very own Jack and Victor", after the characters from the hit TV comedy Still Game, and said that more than half a century since they met, the couple still argue over who was more interested in the other on that first date.

Betty worked in Singers during her late teens before working as a cleaner in schools and later moving into the print industry and remaining there until she retired at 65.

When asked for the secret of their 50 years of happy marriage, Robert said: “When you know you know – I just knew I loved her."

Betty said her family has played a big part in both her life and her successful marriage, and her fond memories include meeting up with her sisters Cathie, Mary and Annie in her mum’s house, with all their kids, and singing songs or watching Billy Connolly on the TV.

She said: “Back then, when Anne was wee, money wasn’t the be all and end all.

“Things were hard, and money was tight, but we had our own entertainment and we all helped one another out.

“We used to put the tranny [radio] on and we would all pick a song and sing it, a bit like karaoke.

“It was a great laugh – not that many of us could sing mind you!”

In recent years, the couple have enjoyed holidays to Fuerteventura and the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Robert now has dementia and although forgetful, he still remembers meeting Betty and getting married.

The couple now have four grandchildren, Ciaran, Shannon, Chelsea and Lauryn, all of whom helped them celebrate on Saturday.

Despite lockdown, the family were keen to enjoy the day and make the most of it.

With no restaurants open, Anne asked if they would like a restaurant delivery from one of the family’s favourite restaurants, but the pair kindly declined.

Instead, Robert and Betty told the family they would rather celebrate with their favourite dinner from decades ago – steak pie and chips, or, as they know it, ‘pie and jockey's whips’.