AN ALEXANDRIA businessman has complained how energy giant Scottish Power closed off the main route to several firms without any warning and only days after the road reopened.

Michael Lowe, owner of Lomond Computer Services in Lomond Galleries, has already enquired with the company and the local council after roadworks on Main Street reduced it to a one-way system for over six months.

He said last year the road closure caused significant economic impact as “customers stayed away in droves”, and cannot understand why Scottish Power, who are installing cables under the road, did not use the 16 weeks of business closure to carry out the work.

During the six months of roadworks last year, businesses based in the galleries left the premises or went into liquidation.

Mr Lowe said this was largely due to people avoiding the area’s traffic congestion.

He said: “Last year the impact of this was profound, and then coupled with coronavirus, it’s been a difficult year.

“I couldn’t quite believe it when Scottish Power then pitched their temporary traffic lights on July 27 without a word of warning and closed one side of the road and part of the entrance to the galleries.

“It is their cavalier attitude which really gets to me. They could easily have done this while we were all closed or even let us know it was happening.

"Their attitudes towards the impact on our businesses is heartless, hard nosed and unacceptable.”

Mr Lowe added that the temporary lights were put in on Monday, but no work was carried out until Wednesday and completed by Thursday.

The road remained closed for a further day despite the cable installation being completed.

A spokesperson for SP Energy Networks said: “We always endeavour to notify local businesses of works in advance however due to a member of our project team falling ill, we believe not every business was contacted on this occasion and we apologise for this.

“The works are seeing us upgrade the underground cable network in Balloch, improving the reliability of supply.

"The additional capacity also supports ongoing economic growth.”

The road was reopened outside the galleries on Friday, but roadworks are continuing on Main Street and a one-way system is still in place in some sections.