DUMBARTON and the Vale residents are being urged to ensure their electoral details are up to date to avoid losing the opportunity to vote.

Anyone wanting to have their say in the Scottish Parliament elections next May will only be able to do so if they are properly registered.

In the coming weeks, the Electoral Registration Officer will contact every household to ensure the register is correct and identify any additional residents who should be included.

Voting rights have been extended, meaning all nationalities are now able to vote in Scottish Parliament and council elections.

David Thomson, Electoral Registration Officer for Dunbartonshire, said: “You might not have been able to vote before but with the extension of voting rights, you may be able to vote now – but only if you are registered.

“The West Dunbartonshire area has had a history of lower response rates to its annual write-out and this could result in under registration or inaccuracies in the registers on polling day so I would encourage everyone to look out for their letter.”

Contact ERO-WDC@dab-vjb.gov.uk for more information.