A MAN tried to murder a friend in Balloch – and then sent photographs of his badly-beaten victim lying in a pool of blood.

David Kennaway, 31, from Glasgow, attacked DJ Barry Weir, 38, at his home in Miller Road in Haldane on April 18 and 19.

A court heard that when police arrived at the scene, Kennaway's hands, face, legs and clothing were covered in dried blood and the flat had blood spattered on the walls, ceiling and floors.

Mr Weir was lying in a pool of blood with an injured arm, a wound to the back of his head and his face was swollen.

Part of his right ear was lying on the floor beside him.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Kennaway admitted attempting to murder Mr Weir, who had been a friend for 10 years.

The court heard that Kennaway had told police Mr Weir had allegedly assaulted him, and that he had then told officers “I grabbed him and boom boom,” while making a head-butting motion.

Kennaway then added: “That's what happens when someone hits you, you defend yourself.”

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Prosecutor Michael Meehan said: “That night, the accused went to Mr Weir's home and they sat in the living room drinking and playing music.

"Mr Weir's next memory is waking up in hospital.”

Mr Meehan told the court that at 10.50pm that night Mr Weir had phoned his girlfriend, Siobhan Campbell, who heard the two men singing, and thought they seemed to be having a good time.

The court heard that later that night, neighbours heard knocking and banging coming from the flat.

At 12.11am, Kennaway sent a photograph to his friend Nicole O'Hanlon via Whatsapp Messenger which showed Mr Weir lying covered in blood and severely injured.

Mr Meehan added: “The accused sent further picture messages showing Mr Weir in a pool of blood and the accused's own face covered in blood.”

Ms O'Hanlon tried unsuccessfully to establish where this was taking place, and then contacted Kennaway's sister, Stacey Kennaway, and asked her to contact him.

Ms Kennaway managed to video chat with her brother and asked him to check on Mr Weir, who she could hear grunting and breathing heavily in the background.

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Kennaway then showed his sister a bite mark on his arm, and claimed that Mr Weir had bitten him.

Ms Kennaway phoned 999 for an ambulance and police were subsequently contacted.

Mr Weir was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow suffering from bleeding on the brain, a dislocated right elbow, and facial injuries, including a fracture to his right eye socket, which required surgery.

He has been left with permanent scarring and numbness to his right cheek.

Solicitor advocate Billy Lavelle, representing Kennaway, said: “As far as my client is concerned, there is a background of drug addiction and mental health issues.”

Judge Lady Stacey deferred sentence until October for background and risk assessment reports.

Kennaway, who has previous convictions for violence and public disorder, is in custody.

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