A FLY that feasts on blood and can tear human skin with its bite has been spotted in Alexandria.

Following a shopping trip to her doctor’s surgery on August 27, Kim Huxter noticed the unusual giant creature on the railings outside.

It turned out to be a horsefly, which can grow up to 5cm long, and is the largest fly in the UK.

They need a meal of blood before they can produce offspring.

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Kim told the Reporter: “I felt quite excited, as I have never seen such a big fly.

“It looked rather big, that’s the only reason I took the picture and I’m always looking for something different.

“I had to look it up to find out what it was.”

Only last week, Nicola Harrison was left stunned after spotting the same beastie while on holiday on the isle of Arran.

Nicola said: “It was sat on the door of our car. We took a picture and then tried to think of the best way to move it without harm.

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"We used a towel to allow it to climb on, which it did. It was quite calm - maybe it had already fed.

“As we turned to place on a bush, it flew away. We then set upon finding out what it was.

“So, after initial intrigue and fascination of a fly of this size, to the realisation of how nasty this encounter could have been, I am now feeling lucky to have seen this up so close. Nature always amazes.”

Commonly known as clegs in Scotland, horseflies thrive in hot and rainy weather.

Their bites can be painful, and can even become infected, with the British Pest Control Association putting their bites in its list of the top 10 to avoid.

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