DETECTIVES in West Dunbartonshire investigating the disappearance of Mary Duncan say they will extend the search to include a further site in the Helensburgh area.

Mary was 17-years-old when she disappeared from her home in Alexandria in 1976.

Extensive enquiries have been carried out in an attempt to establish any information regarding her whereabouts, however no trace has been found.

Searches of the new site, which police say is in a residential area, will commence today (Monday, September 7).

Detective Superintendent Calum Young from West Dunbartonshire CID said: “This latest development is due to extensive enquiries carried out in an attempt to find any indication of where Mary could be.

“This new site is within a residential area and as such I would like to stress that any disruption to local residents must be kept to a minimum, and would ask both the media and public to remain mindful of this.

"Any updates from the new search site will be provided in due course.”