A LOCAL gamer has spoken about the massive boost that coronavirus has brought to online and e-gaming.

Ross Macfarlane, 32, of Dumbarton, who streams live videos of himself playing popular online video game Warzone – a battle royale multiplayer where the last team standing wins - daily to his hundreds of fans on Facebook, told the Advertiser how “massive” the future of video gaming is.

Ross said: “I think gaming has become so popular cause it makes it so easy to keep in contact with people from all over the world and even make new friends from across the world. It’s even been more massive recently with friends being able to keep in contact during these crazy times.”

With game streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming now more popular than ever with people stuck at home, the only way is up for some streamers – who see an income from their gaming exploits as fans “subscribe” and “donate” while the gamers play.

Mega gaming stars like NickMercs and Dr Disrespect have earned millions of pounds from streaming video games online.

“The interaction and the people you meet are just something you’d never think you’d get by playing a game.” Ross continued, “The future is massive. I don’t see it stopping anytime soon and with the release of the new Xbox and PS5 coming up it’s just going to get bigger again.”

Recent projections have also shown that e-gaming will have more viewers than every professional sports league by 2021, and online streaming not far behind it.

Ross continued: “I think streaming will totally be just as popular as live gaming tournaments but I do think you’ll lose out on that interaction and crowd atmosphere, just like we have with all the sports being played behind closed doors.

“But people are wanting to watch gaming so it’s just going to be such a big platform to grow on.”