A LOCAL disposal business has taken matters into their own hands after seeing the mess that fly-tipping has caused around the West Dunbartonshire community.

Dumbarton Carriers was set up after David Bruce and Ellen Clifford of Bellsmyre noticed a lot of illegal rubbish dumping around the area, especially in the beauty spots that they walked their dog Jenny.

After starting their company carrying and disposing of residents’ waste legally and safely, the pair moved into full house moves, rubbish uplifts, shed dismantling, tree cutting, demolishing and landscaping amongst other duties.

The funds they have raised from their work have gone to helping the NHS and free uplifts for the elderly in the community.

And the pair admit that their rubbish-clearing adventures have had their funny moments, as well as a few that would “bring a tear to glass eye”.

Ellen Clifford, Dumbarton Carriers social media and advertiser, said: “After obtaining our SEPA licence we started to advertise rubbish uplifts on the local selling sites on Facebook, we moved onto creating a Facebook page and before we knew it there was an amazing following on our page and word of mouth grew very quickly.

“At the start of lockdown every job we done we donated £5 to the NHS until it was £1,000, any additional extra we had in the pot went towards doing free uplifts for the elderly in the community and our competitions we run from week to week.

“We’ve met some wonderful people along the way and had some heartfelt conversations. We met an older gentlemen called Bob Gray from Castlehill and he nearly had us in tears with how happy he was that he got to meet his son after 50 years of separation, we were so happy for the both of them - it would bring a tear to a glass eye.

“Another memorable but funny moment would be when a wee 10 year boy conned us in Bonhill, and asked if him and sister and pal could help as we cleared the rubbish then suddenly six of them appeared and wanted paid for helping, so they all got £2 each and we all walked away with £2 each after the small uplift was finished.

“Next time we’ll see how many is in the gang, it was super funny - they all had character.”

Now Dumbarton Carriers are now thinking ecologically, with an aim to gain a premises so that they can recycle more as well as offering to upcycle second-hand furniture and household goods.

“A lot of our customers hate seeing their stuff being taken to landfill especially when there is still plenty of life left in it, and would really help someone out in need, finding the premises or a unit is the hardest part but hopefully we will get there.

“The support we have gained from the area has been outstanding and phenomenal, I am touched with the kindness and generosity from the people of Dumbarton, Clydebank, Faifley and Helensburgh.

“People don't realise how thoughtful our community is and we take our hats off to you all for your kindness and generosity.”

For more information or to have work done, visit Dumbarton Carriers on Facebook or contact 07467 402790.