A CHARITY has created wellbeing boxes for people who are struggling with their mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

After months of lockdown everyone has been experiencing some tough days during the pandemic whether it be getting out of bed in the morning or changes in your mood.

The Big Disability Group decided to create a ‘mental wellbeing box’ with funding from the Corra Foundation to help support residents in Dumbarton, the Vale and the surrounding area who are finding life a struggle after receiving an increase in calls and messages to the charity.

Kevin Crawford, the charity’s co-ordinator, said the boxes came with a simple message.

“No one is alone,” he told the Reporter. “Our key message which we want to stress is that we don’t want people sitting and suffering. There is help out there.

“We have had a lot of people getting in touch who haven’t spoken to anyone for weeks and they are just looking to have a chat and offload.”

Each box contains a personal journal to track thoughts and feelings, a Keep Calm relaxation CD, a fidget spinner for anxiety, art therapy books and colouring pencils to promote positivity, along with a bunch of resources for advice and help.

The Big Disability Group have also teamed up with Seeds of Hope to provide people with wild flower seeds to grow to help alleviate stress.

He said: “The comments and feedback we have been receiving has blown us away. We didn’t think a small project like this would make such a huge impact in the community.

“People don’t realise how much support is out there.

“If they get in touch with us we can provide a box or direct them to an organisation that meets their needs - it’s all confidential and we will do our best to make sure they get the right help.”

They also run monthly focus groups where anyone from the local community, as well as representatives from local organisations, can get together to identify local issues that may need addressed and offer each other support.

If you think you, or someone you know, would benefit from a box or require other support, contact the organisation direct on 0141 237 4560 or email thebigdisabilitygroup@gmail.com.