Families in Dumbarton and the Vale were able to enjoy International Vulture Day at Loch Lomond Birds of Prey Centre last weekend.

Vultures are vital to human survival as their scavenging lifestyle provides a healthy functioning for ecosystems. The bald-headed creatures have an extremely corrosive stomach acid that allows them to consume rotting animal corpses that are infected with diseases that would kill other animals.

Kevin Robertson, head falconer at Loch Lomond Birds of Prey Centre highlighted the importance of the event. He said: “We are just trying to raise as much money as we can to help the different vulture charities worldwide.

“We want to make vultures survive because if we don’t do something about it then they might not be here for much longer.

“The good thing about having zoos, bird of prey and wildlife centres is that people can see what is happening and what change is trying to be made to protect these animals.”

The centre helped raise awareness of the important day by using Bones, their own turkey vulture, in flying demonstrations twice a day and hosting a raffle which has raised more than £650 to date.

All proceeds from the event will help the organisation support Vulpro in South Africa to build a hospital in their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and protect vultures.

If you would like to make a donation to Vulpro phone Loch Lomond Birds of Prey Centre on 01389 729239 or see their online shop at llpoc.co.uk.