AN ALEXANDRIA resident has been left with a hole in his ceiling and without flooring thanks to council repairs being postponed.

Charlie Stevenson, 31, was told there could be asbestos in his floor and the council would need to rip out flooring in his sitting room in order to run tests.

But several weeks after his flooring was lifted and his furniture was stored in his son’s bedroom of his McColl Avenue home, he has yet to have his flooring replaced.

This has meant he has been unable to have his young son stay overnight at his home, as there is no space in his bedroom.

Mr Stevenson told the Reporter: “In mid-August the floor was cracking so I reported it to my housing officer.

“Within a week or two they had come out and inspected it and ripped the floor up but they since haven’t returned to fix it. Now I’ve been told I will have to wait for several more weeks before I can have new flooring.

“This isn’t the only issue, I’ve not had access [to a cellar] since I moved into the flat in March. Someone else’s belongings are still in it. If they had emptied it, I could have put my furniture in there and the wee man could have come and stayed.”

As well as issues with the floor and cellar, Mr Stevenson has also had a hole in his ceiling which was created to fix a leaking pipe in July. This has yet to be patched up and Mr Stevenson has also been told the hole will only be plastered over and he will have to redecorate at his own expense.

After raising the issue with West Dunbartonshire Council, officials got in touch to rectify the issues. A spokeswoman said: “We are sorry this tenant is unhappy. Work to re-level the floor is expected to commence on September 24, and repairs to the hall and ceiling thereafter.

“We have arranged for the cellar to be cleared, and provided new keys to ensure exclusive access and use.

“We have provided updates to the tenant and will continue to liaise with him until the works are complete.”