THE prospect of a fixed speed camera on the A814 through Cardross has been welcomed by the area’s senior police officer.

Safety Camera Scotland recently identified the main road through the village as one of 24 potential sites where extra safety measures could be introduced as part of a £675,000 investment package by Transport Scotland.

Inspector Roddy MacNeill told a meeting of Argyll and Bute Council’s Helensburgh and Lomond area committee that the proposal would be a “massive help” to efforts by police to ensure motorists drive safely in the area.

Councillor David Kinniburgh raised the issue of speeding both in Cardross itself and in nearby Ardoch, asking whether Police Scotland had sent a speed detection van to the area.

He said: “I know Cardross has been mentioned for the possibility of a speed camera, but has the (police speed detection) van been deployed in Cardross?

“On any occasions I have asked this question before I think it created some difficulty on where they would put it, but has it been done?

“And have there been any fixed penalties issued for Ardoch, or any prosecutions made?”

Inspector MacNeill replied: “Ardoch is a 40mph zone, so we cannot stand there. Traffic management colleagues have picked it up and found that the average speed, in the main, was not excessive.

“But the traffic car has plotted up there and I believe a number of tickets have been issued. I believe one vehicle [driver] was also charged with other traffic offences.

“They only deploy the van in relation to crash statistics, hence I can get them for the A83, which in general does have a fair number of incidents.

“The van has been in Cardross, but it was a while back, and hopefully if the speed camera does go there, it won’t need to return.

“Years ago, police would attend any crash. Now, if it is low speed and a non-injury incident, there is a non-attendance criteria.

“We’ve attended a couple of recent accidents in Cardross. One involved a person hitting the railings near the pharmacy, and they were charged as a result.”