A RENTON mum has told the Reporter of her distress at a continual battle against a bug infestation in her home.

The woman and her children live in a Cordale Housing Association block at 222 Main Street in Renton.

She said she had reported a problem with carpet beetles when she was redecorating, but that a beetle repellent used by a Cordale contractor had not worked.

The woman said she subsequently discovered her neighbour had been raising a similar problem in their home with Cordale officials for five years.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “My son has complex needs and I needed a house which is all on one floor. But I would never have moved in here if I knew in advance.

“It’s disgusting and embarrassing living with beetles. I vacuum and mop my flat every single day, and I don’t leave crumbs or rubbish bags overnight – I clean up straight away.”

The woman said she had continued to find beetles in her baby’s pram and near food in her kitchen after Cordale’s pest control contractor treated the property.

“They make me feel sick,” she continued.

“All my food is in air-sealed tubs, and all my floors and skirting boards are sealed.

“It’s unfair to expect my kids to live likes this, or any other family to live like this.

“I am so scared in case they are crawling on me and my kids when we sleep. I am scared when I am doing washings in case they are in my clothes basket, and I am scared when I relax in the evening in case they are hiding my sofa.

“This is non stop. I have never been in a flat or building like this before.”

Cordale acknowledged the recurring issue and said they plan to have a specialist review the situation.

A spokesperson for the association said: “We are aware that some tenants within 222 Main Street are experiencing an issue with beetles, and we are working with these tenants to resolve the issue.

“We have previously instructed contractors to treat the properties affected, but despite these efforts the issue has recurred in both properties.

“To understand the level of the problem, we have spoken to all other tenants in the block and can confirm only two properties are experiencing this issue.

"This week we have instructed a specialist contractor to inspect the whole building, including the attic, and report recommendations.

“We are informing the tenants affected about this next step and will continue to keep them informed and support them while we resolve the issue.”