PHOTOS of an unkept and unsanitary kitchen at Dumbarton's KFC restaurant have been revealed by a local resident.

Marty McKeen noticed the mess across the kitchen area of the popular fast-food restaurant as he stopped for dinner with his partner and child, and decided to take photos to warn others about the conditions.

He posted the snaps to a local Facebook page saying: “KFC in Dumbarton are taking the deep cleaning and sanitation seriously, place is disgusting. Put our KFC straight in the bin.”

The photos reveal food and mess strewn across the food preparation area, which Dumbarton residents have reacted angrily to.

One comment on the post said: “Our rats would love let loose in there, should hire them to clean out the place.”

Another said: “I was there couple of weeks ago and had to clean my own table and it was busy too. Not one person had a face covering either, I haven't been back since.”

Marty told the Reporter: “Although it’s a fast food restaurant and things will potentially fall on the floor, surely especially during this pandemic things get picked up and cleaned as they go and not just left until end of a shift.”

A KFC spokesperson said: “Hands up, this isn’t great and we’ve followed up with our team straight away on this one.

“Rest assured we have rigorous deep cleaning and sanitizing processes twice a day, as well as regular handwashing and cleaning of kitchen stations every half an hour.

“These photos aren’t anywhere near how we want our guests to find us, and we’ll do all we can to do better next time.”