COMMUNITY leaders have objected to plans for more advertising billboards as a potential safety threat.

Applications have been made by West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) for the installation of five freestanding signs on the Glasgow Road roundabout at Church Street and Strathleven Place and another four freestanding billboards at Lionsgate roundabout on Stirling Road.

Dumbarton East and Central Community Council said they were concerned by the risk billboards pose as a distraction to motorists. They asked for the police to be involved in the WDC planning decision.

Community council secretary Dorothy Heron said: “The general consensus is that advertising on roundabouts, whether it be three, four or five free standing signs, could be a potential danger by way of distraction from the traffic to drivers, particularly at roundabouts.

“We feel that perhaps the police should be involved in any discussions as they, of all services, would be best to make a judgement. Perhaps the risk assessment to be undertaken by a competent road safety auditor could be undertaken by the police.

“Any advertising material must not obscure existing road signage but the point is not that they would obscure any signage, but that they would draw attention to advertising which has nothing to do with road signage directions.

“Anything that diverts attention from the road should be classed as a risk. We strongly request that police should be involved in any consultations.”

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed by Transport Scotland that billboards will not be erected at Stoneymollan Roundabout after the broken “Geese Statue” was removed.

A spokesperson said: “Any proposals would require to follow the standard planning approval process through West Dunbartonshire Council as the planning authority, taking into consideration road safety and the amenity of the area. Preliminary discussions have taken place with National Park and the suggested proposal is for a wildflower meadow.”