A "CRIMINALLY stupid" cocaine dealer who was ordered to hand over nearly £60,000 under proceeds of crime laws has yet to pay back a penny – and could face more than two years in jail as a result.

Gavin Hutchison, 32, appeared in court last week over a confiscation order imposed after he pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of the class A drug.

Police found a quantity of cocaine worth more than £500 and almost £7,000 in cash when they raised Hutchison's then home in Main Street, Bonhill, on September 13, 2018.

When he was originally sentenced last year, a judge said Hutchison had "an income many people could be envious of", and expressed surprise that he "goes into this as a 'commercial enterprise', simply to make more money".

After reading a report from a social worker which described Hutchison's financial circumstances, Sheriff Maxwell Hendry told him at a hearing in July 2019: "When I read this report my reaction was one of complete disbelief at how criminally stupid you have been."

At the same court last week, it was revealed that a confiscation order had been imposed on Hutchison in February of this year for £58,850.22.

He was given six months to pay, but with interest, the figure is now £60,625.37.

At the latest hearing, before Sheriff William Gallacher on October 28, Hutchison's solicitor said his client had had Covid-19 and lost his employment during the pandemic.

The lawyer said: "He has advised me he has not been able to pay any amount towards that.

"He was attempting to re-value or remortgage his house. He has not been able to do that."

Sheriff William Gallacher replied: "There ain't much option."

Fiscal depute Martina McGuigan said an appeal to extend that six-month deadline had to be applied for within the original six months.

She said: "He has not appealed before the expiry of the first six months."

Sheriff Gallacher said the alternative would be calculated at 747 days in prison.

The sheriff said he could not just continue the matter because the original order had been for the six months only.

Hutchison's defence solicitor said: "Clearly he is looking to avoid any custodial sentence."

Ms McGuigan made a motion to postpone any period of imprisonment, and to allow the prosecutor to lodge a civil application to get the funds.

There will now be a hearing on February 2, 2021.

Sheriff Gallacher told Hutchison: "It was clearly decided that these funds were appropriately to be taken.

"The funds should have been dealt with. The fact you have not done it, you may have a significant penalty."

Hutchison's punishment last year for his drug dealing conviction was 200 hours of unpaid work in the community.