A RENTON man was so inebriated he stole somebody else’s pet dog while walking along a busy street, a court has heard.

Charles Wilson, of Tontine Park in Renton, previously pleaded guilty to stealing the dog in West Princes Street in Helensburgh on Saturday, January 25 this year.

Wilson appeared for sentencing at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Tuesday, November 2, when the 38-year-old’s solicitor, the procurator fiscal depute and the presiding judge all described the case as “strange”.

Alasdair Millar, prosecuting, told the court the dog’s owners had left their pet tied up outside a property in the street.

Wilson was then seen holding a dog collar and lead, but by that time the animal had run off.

He said: “It was my dog. I was taking him for a walk.”

Defence solicitor Leo McGinn said: “I think ‘strange’ is probably the word.

“He had very, very limited memory of the incident.

“He himself does have a dog that’s not dissimilar to the dog in question.

“In his inebriated state, he is in some belief this is his dog. It’s a bizarre case.”

Sheriff William Gallacher quipped: “‘Aye, right’ springs to mind.”

Mr McGinn continued: “He has ongoing difficulties with his mental health, exacerbated by drugs, which he uses to self-medicate.”

Sheriff Gallacher, however, replied that it was wrong for anyone to claim illegal drugs could be any form of medication.

Echoing Mr McGinn’s words, the sheriff said it was “a very strange case” and one that “beggars belief”.

Wilson was placed under the supervision of social workers for three months.