PLANS for a village pub to retain an outdoor drinking area in its car park have been withdrawn after “constructive discussions” with objectors.

Revised plans for the Cardross Inn, not including the use of the car park, went before Argyll and Bute’s licensing board on Tuesday, having previously been considered – and continued – in September.

Two concerned residents and the police submitted objections to the board following September’s meeting – and after a meeting with one of the residents, pub bosses agreed to submit an updated planned layout for their outdoor drinking area.

The licensing board, consisting of eight councillors from across Argyll and Bute, agreed to the revised plans.

Other plans for the pub, such as a dance facility and new terms for younger people, had previously been agreed at the board’s September meeting.

Landlord David Davidson told the board: “We have removed tables from the car park and the lawn area after meeting with the neighbour.

“He was worried about several things, but particularly the implications of any smokers sitting at the adjoining wall.

“We have moved everything out of the car park and restored it to the way it was before.

“We have also taken some of the tables away from the front of the property to ensure the entrance and exit to the car park is the same as before.”

The resident also raised concerns about customers using the narrow confines of nearby Peel Street for car parking, and the same street being used for bin collection.

Licensing standards officer Raymond Park said: “The management have been through quite a few transitions over a period of time. The plan is all about being a good neighbour and as far as I can see, they have done everything asked of them.”

Kintyre councillor Rory Colville, chairing the meeting, said: “When the plans first came before us in September, the first three parts were granted. I appreciate a lot of work has been done since then.

“I am confident that all the concerns have been addressed and I am happy to move that we grant the application as presented to us.”

Although planning restrictions have been relaxed during the Covid-19 outbreak, planning permission will be required for the inn to keep the outdoor facility beyond March 31.

A beer garden has already been provided at the pub for many years.