NEIGHBOURS of a rail station have voiced their opposition to plans for a new car park.

West Dunbartonshire Council lodged plans in November for land adjacent to Dalreoch rail station in West Bridgend to allow a car park and associated footpaths.

The land to the north of William Street - and across Glasgow Road from the station itself - is currently open space and would allow parking for 33 vehicles. Consultants acting for the council said the park-and-ride facility would aid the push for more “sustainable travel choices”.

But tenants in neighbouring Leven Court and Lomond Court have raised fears about noise, air and light pollution, as well as a loss of privacy.

And Councillor David McBride has written to planners calling for the decision to go in front of the council’s planning committee, not its current delegation to internal officers. The consultation period for the plans overlapped with the festive period and reduced services for neighbour notification.

One resident told planners: “Why have we got to stay in a already highly contaminated area? The station should build on their on land. Has the air quality in and around these flats ever been monitored?

“This should be done before any decision is made. We have a majority of elderly people who don’t have cars yet we have to stay in one big car park as it is.

“The current car park does not get used. This area of land is a public space and is used by dog walkers who use the area for their pets. You can’t walk along the cycle path without being in danger of being run over and injured by speedy cyclists.

“We don’t need more parking spaces, we need large green areas. The area acts as a area that soaks up water during prolonged rain. I object strongly to this proposal.”

Another resident who said he was disabled said he was “very worried” the car park would spill over into their limited existing car park.

He said: “We already get folk who park here that use the train station, I feel this would add to our problem of lack of parking spaces. Plus there is no walkways for pedestrians, more traffic is a danger to pedestrians many of which are elderly.”

Cllr McBride wrote that he was making objections on behalf of his constituents who said the development was “not welcome”.

He said: “This area is crucial to the environment of the West Bridgend flats, the greenspace area of diversity is welcomed amenity between the residential area and the busy Glasgow Road/Artizan Bridge and the railway line.

“The proposed car park could have a detrimental affect on the privacy of residents of Leven Court who live facing the car park.

“It will be a well-lit area for drivers safety and may cause light pollution to residents of Leven Court. This could cause congestion in William Street where the junction to West Bridgend is already busy with two bus stops and traffic lights at Dalreoch.

“Users of the car park may be travelling early in the morning which will result in traffic noise to a community where many are elderly or in sheltered accommodation.

“Residents believe there is no requirement for the additional parking for Dalreoch station community traffic and a main sewer and gas pipe is amongst the area of proposed development.”