A PROUD Dumbarton husband says he has been inspired by the positivity his wife has shown throughout lockdown despite putting her dreams on hold.

Christopher Thomson, 31, an Argyll and Bute Council worker said he is ‘extremely proud’ of his wife Nicola for her positive approach to life after she was left with no choice but to stop working due to the pandemic.

In March last year Nicola quit her job as a hairdresser to start her own business ‘Nicola’s Mobile Hairdressing’ as a mobile hair stylist, but was forced to stop due to the first coronavirus lockdown.

The couple, who live in Castlehill, were determined to keep on smiling and were kept occupied by sharing pick me up videos on TikTok for the community.

Christopher told the Reporter: “She had just set herself up and everything was fine for the first couple of weeks, but then lockdown hit.

“She was down in the dumps for a little bit because she was super excited to start her business.

“She has really adapted to being the perfect mum to our daughter, but I know that is different for her because she works too hard and enjoys going to work, so staying at home has been very different.”

When the restrictions eased up Nicola was determined to make her clients happy and ended up working 14 hours a day to fit everyone in before the second lockdown hit.

Christopher added: “She has been a real trooper. She truly inspires me every day as nothing seems to faze her.

“She has been kicked down twice and yet she remains happy.

“That is one of the many reasons why she is the love of my life and constantly continues to inspire me.”

The couple first met when they were 16 while working at Cameron House Hotel, before Nicola moved to London with her aunt and uncle to begin her dream as a hairdresser.

After moving back up to Scotland a few years later, she reunited with Christopher and they now have a beautiful one-year-old daughter, Ellie.

Christopher believes that the pandemic was a ‘terrible blessing in disguise’ as they could watch their daughter hit all the important milestones.

He said: “We are thankful because we get to spend all of our time with our daughter whereas if we were both working we would miss out on her childhood.”