PLANS to create a massive new sculpture framing Dumbarton Rock have been panned as “crass” by residents.

Dunbritton Housing Association applied for permission to put the “public art” on the walkway at Dumbarton harbour next to their new social housing nearing completion.

The giant oval hoop made of silver-grey Jesmonite and mounted on a concrete plinth would be 4.25m tall, 3.8m wide and 1.2m deep if built on the walkway.

An artist’s rendering - including a human figure with a redacted head - also shows the Dumbarton crest of a castle and elephant, and shapes of a family waving through the opening.

West Dunbartonshire Council owns the site and have been taking public responses.

But residents have not been kind. Every submission to planners has voiced opposition.

One said: “This item does not fit in with the natural beauty of the area. A waste of money.”

Another blasted: “This structure is in no way in keeping with the surroundings. Not in keeping either with Dumbarton or for that matter Scotland. Locals and tourists alike will have no connection to this as part of local history.”

And a third said: “It would be another blimp on the beautiful view and landscape. I’m all for having something there, I just think that this is not fitting.”

Another resident raised a concern about the family depicted as part of the sculpture, though blamed the council and not the housing association for the design.

The wrote: “The portrayal of the ‘ideal family’ of mum/dad/son/daughter in this design is not reflective of the council’s inclusion policy.

“We have spent years telling our children it’s ok to be different, and the council put a stereotype that needs shattering in an area of regeneration that should reflect the roots and history of the town.

“This is strongly anti-inclusive and reflects old and inappropriate attitudes to what reflects ‘family’. It’s shocking it even got past a design stage.”

And a further response told planners: “It is not aesthetically pleasing and will cheapen the effect it should have framing the castle and introducing you to the walkway to the river. A more appropriate structure with less crass use of figures would be more suitable.”

Dunbritton Housing Association were approached for comment.