A DUMBARTON woman is asking members of the public to help her raise money for a headstone for her dad.

Catherine Mardon’s dad Alan passed away in 2016, but his grave has been unmarked since then as Catherine, a single mum, faced financial struggles of her own.

The 32-year-old is now desperately trying to raise £1,000 to finally lay her father to rest.

She told the Reporter: “My dad was a great man. He would do anything for anyone and cared about the people he had in his life.

Since his passing Catherine has found it difficult to visit her father’s grave and believes getting a headstone for him would help give her the courage to visit his last resting place.

She added: “I couldn’t thank Alec Black funeral parlour enough. They did an amazing job for him and in helping me as no one is expected to have the slightest idea of how a funeral works.

“I would love to have enough for one with angels above his name because knowing our plot lies empty breaks my soul daily.

“By placing a headstone above my father’s head I can finally let go and move on.

“I would love to take my son up there to give small presents to his grandad, however I can’t let him see his grandad like this.

“If there is anything someone takes from my story it is to never turn your back on a loved one. Please call or send them a text message because you really don’t know when it will be the last.”

To make a donation to the appeal, visit gofundme.com/f/to-get-me-my-dear-daddy-n-baby-sister-a-head-stone.