More than 240,000 children (one in four) are living in poverty despite the SNP having powers to alleviate it since 2016. 

Administration of basic welfare benefits handed back to the UK until 2024 because the SNP cannot handle them. 

In 2010 the SNP promised 130,000 green jobs by 2020.  In fact, only 21,000 were created. 

The SNP’s Ferguson ferry fiasco: costs doubled to £200m and three years behind schedule. 

Education has tumbled down international rankings, the attainment gap has widened, teachers are leaving. 

A crucial OECD education report has been delayed till after the Holyrood Elections. 

The Salmond Inquiry highlighted the scandal, secrecy, and lack of accountability at the heart of the SNP administration. 

And now they want you to vote for a Supermajority of SNP, Alex Salmond's Alba, and Patrick Harvie's Greens! 

Vote them out! Vote tactically for a pro-UK party on 6 May. 

This is promoted by Scotland Matters, PO Box 26965, Glasgow G1 9BW

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